once upon a time, in an enchanted city, a girl-child was ready to be born, made of the true love of two wild, orphaned survivors dreaming the same dream.  she promptly declared herself starshine, still remembering where she was from, and she began to be and to breathe and to imagine and to sing.  she was shy and she was strange and she was lovely and she was afraid and she was very very brave.  she listened and resisted and she loved and she longed and she just kept longing.  she loved rambly brambles and tiny white flowers and all things romantic and the life under the sea and moroccan amethysts and the palace at versailles and, well, horses.  she made things up.  she made everything up.  when she could write she wrote poems.  poems with words and poems without words.  these poems became songs and these songs are for you.



Rachel Starshine Robinson will be performing the following dates:

4/6/13 - alberta rose theatre

 siren nation's tribute to billie holiday

11/18/12 7pm - the white eagle

 with oh bruni (alicia viani) and jeanna love (of medicine for the people)

mark orton and scotty weddle will be sitting in!

10/26/12 - doe bay cafe

 on beautiful orcas island...

7/14/12 - mississippi street fair

 skidmore stage

oh, it's my birthday.

6/5/12 - alberta rose theatre

dolly parton hoot night!

mark orton, alicia viani and lee ritter joing me in the rubber band.

3/2/12 7pm - doe bay cafe

playing at the beautiful doe bay resort on orcas island

2/24/12 - room 5 in L.A.
10/18/11 7pm - al's den @ the crystal hotel

 dropping in to play some tunes in sean o' neill's residency at this new cozy listening room in the basement of the crystal hotel on burnside.

5/15/10 - laurelthirst pub

w/ audie darling and bootz orchestra



4/29/10 - alberta street pub

fred van vactor's birthday show...  also last thursday!  early... 7pm!  free!

4/11/10 - hipbone studios

northwest concert series premiere event



3/30/10 - PSU

afternoon show at PSU event series

1/21/10 - the woods, portland

with jennifer faust and sarah gwen

11/17/09 7:30pm - the hotel cafe, hollywood ca.

a homecoming show

11/7/09 - private event, portland
10/21/09 7:30pm - mississippi studios, portland

cd release show!

w/ the physical hearts and hunter paye

(rachel plays in the middle)



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